The Importance of Pharmacists in 503B Outsourcing

A 503B Outsourcing Facility is a designation created by the FDA that establishes a new level of patient care and safety by ensuring adherence to the robust requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practices. Outsourcing facilities play a critical role in ensuring that hospital systems and outpatient clinics maintain access to sterile medications that are either in short supply or not commercially available. At OurPharma, Pharmacists are responsible for overseeing all phases of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each is performed correctly, accurately, and in compliance with all applicable state/federal laws and standard operating procedures. The importance of ensuring quality and ultimately patient safety cannot be understated with Pharmacists in the 503b setting inherently acting as Quality Control Managers and Subject Matter Experts by verifying compliance, completion and accuracy of all compounded preparations. With this role comes great responsibility but also great reward. Happy Pharmacist month to the Pharmacists who are so vital to the success of OurPharma on a daily, ongoing basis. Thank you for all that you do!