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Based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, OurPharma is an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility created to address the need for compounded medications that are in short supply regionally and nationally. The initial focus is on sterile-to-sterile and API-to-sterile compounding of ready to administer pain management finished drug products in a variety of container types, including cassettes, syringes, PCA vials, and IV bags.

OurPharma serves hospitals, health systems, surgery centers, medical groups and more with the goal of providing access to critically needed compounded pharmaceuticals. The OurPharma founders have an extensive background in hospital and healthcare administration, giving them firsthand knowledge of the difficulties caused by drug shortages and the effects on patients. 

Compounded Medications in Short Supply

Facility at a Glance

Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System

24,000 ft² cGMP-compliant, state-of-the-art 503B outsourcing facility

Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
Over 3500 ft² of dedicated cleanroom space
Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
DEA and FDA-registered
Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System

Leading edge cleanroom design adjusted for unidirectional workflow and segregation of processing

Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
Cleanroom suites monitored 24/7 for temperature, humidity, particles and differential pressures
Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System

ULPA (Ultra Low Particle Air) filters with a 99.9995% efficiency removing 0.12 microns and larger

Lighthouse cGMP Continuous Monitoring System
Optimized HVAC system with UV Light Technology

Trusted products available
across the nation.

Transparent Vendor

OurPharma’s vendors, suppliers and service providers are evaluated through a robust Vendor Qualification Program via a risk-based approach for selection, auditing, approval and qualification. For example, suppliers of bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients are subject to both initial and ongoing confirmatory testing requirements. All confirmatory testing of APIs and excipients is performed by a qualified FDA registered contract laboratory.

Initial qualification testing is performed on each raw material attribute relevant to the specifications established for the compounded product, such as ID, assay, pH, endotoxin, chromatographic purity, residue on ignition, and residual solvents. Once qualified, ongoing confirmatory testing, including but not limited to ID, assay and endotoxin, of each lot and shipment of bulk raw materials is performed to ensure maintenance of continuous quality standards prior to permitting use of these materials in commercial production.

Fayetteville Arkansas DEA and FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Facility

The OurPharma Process

Use the interactive timeline below to see the OurPharma product lifecycle.

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